Climate actions led by girls

Giving voice to thegirls, it isalmost unusual in a countrywhere manalone mustdecide the futureof the nation.This will not preventus from acting!


While leaders and politicians bicker about their own interests, the mass population lives in poverty, squalor and misery. This is the case for Madagascar.
Locust invasion, illegal but abundant exploitations of natural resources such as precious woods, famine or floods in the south, pollution in the city, these are the realities we live in our daily. What can we do? Create an event? A mass media awareness? We can do it; we have done that for years. But these actions are not enough. For my part, I did it my way: educating girls, make them aware of the impact of their daily actions to environmental degradation and climate change.

Why girls? The girls are the mothers of the nation. When girls have a project in their heads, they take it to heart and do everything to achieve it. They take it as if it were their own babies. That is why I have chosen girls.
What have we done? I lead a Scout unit of 60 girls, aged 6-17 years, every Sunday. Together we organize events for the future of young people, taking a theme for each gathering. Since May 2014, the young aged 15-17 years took as the theme for their actions: the Millennium Challenge Development No. 7, a key item on climate change and degradation environment. I teach them to express themselves, talk around the subject. Miarisoa Randriambao Lucianna, 16 years old, one of them told me with regret at a meeting: "Iam afraidthat we cancatchthis degradation.You see, thehuman needisinsatiable.We can do anything butdestroying, then how do you expect usto do?" She is right, first. We know only destruction to satisfy our own needs. But it is not yet time to give up. That is what I told her. "You canchange things,we can at leastraise awarenessto respecttheir surroundings," I said to them to reassure them. "Througheveryday actionssuch as notdrop litteron the ground,recycle ifpossible, Ithink we canget there.Global warmingis dangerous, you know. What would we doif evertheland becameuncultivable? Come on girls, let us keep hope! " had retorted Rinasoa Augustine, teammate of 17 years old, one that has been most affected by the sensitization. Having been encouraged by the involvement of girls, I encouraged them to organize an event for the respect of the environment. 10 girls were actively involved in organizing a flash mob.
Sunday, September 21, 2014, was the International Day of Peace, but also the day of Climate Action Marching organized by in New York. We didn’t have the opportunity to go to New York to march with others. But we organized a flash mob in our community, Ampitatafika Antananarivo. Gather maximum participant was our goal. To get there, we organized basketball games and volleyball courts, flash mob zumbas. In short, activities that interests them. Between each match, we have sensitized to express their ideas about their daily, their sentences to breathe clean air, pollution in which they live ... So we were able to gather 200 young people, children and adults in the community, at the church yard. The event was very encouraging for young people who were coming. For those who already have some knowledge about climate change, they found more. Those who have not been previously raises awareness got a new topic to discuss with them, and of course, to adopt other environmental actions. Above all, the girls were proud of their actions. This is our revolution, these are our actions. Through education, our actions can spread like wildfire: with small things, we can make great!


Myriam Vololonarivo

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